Sandbox 2

Sandbox 2 is a track editor in development for building tracks specifically for NR2003.  It has been split-off from the Chapman Track Creator.

This track editor will be designed to have the basic look and feel of the original Sandbox track editor, but with several enhancements.  The reason for splitting this project off of the Chapman Track Creator is because of the specializations required to accomodate NR2003.  These specializations include the need to make one track per track configuration, specialized track sections for bumps in the track's surface, the requirement for all drivable surfaces to be on a single set of segments with no overlaps of surfaces on the same segment, the lack of a tool for creating 3DO files that have all of the features that a 3DO can have, and a few other things.

Enhanced Features

  • Segment-relative decal headings
  • Segment-relative objects
  • Keyboard-entry for segment and section positions
  • Click and drag segment rotation
  • Improved editor stability
  • Edit track and objects from 3D viewport
  • Loads track in spite of errors and always gives the exact cause of the errors
  • Ability to select overlapping segments more easily
  • Backgrounds don't have to be in MIP format

Additional Features

  • Undo/redo functions
  • Use and save multiple backgrounds
  • Use and save multiple guides
  • Create and snap to template geometry
  • Edit AI lines in editor
  • Edit cameras in editor
  • Edit track INI in editor
  • Support for tracks with multiple configurations
  • Basic 3DO Generator/Editor
  • LUA script support
  • Auto "Butter's Rule"
  • Auto-copy textures from other NR2003 tracks


There will probably be a basic API for writing plugins for the track editor, but I'm hoping that the LUA support will reduce the number of plugins needed.