Project Goals

Short-Term Goals

Many of the long-term goals (LT Goals) are dependent on these short-term goals (ST Goals).  These short-term goals will be the first to make it into updates and and are generally the highest-priority goals.  These goals may be slowly implemented in periodic updates over the course of a few months.

  1. Modularize the game's code to make updating and maintaining it easier.
  2. Eliminate unrealistic rotation behavior on large planets (dependant on ST Goal #1).
  3. Eliminate all scene loading except for at the very start of the game (dependant on ST Goal #1).
  4. Add more camera controls to the game (partially dependant on ST Goal #1).

Long-Term Goals

The long-term goals are goals that are not going to be implemented until much later in development (towards the end of the Early Access period).  Many, if not all of these goals are dependant on the short-term goals making it into the various updates to the game.  Long-term goals may be up to a year or more away from being implemented.

  1. Implement input inertia for key/button inputs that control engine thrust (dependant on ST Goal #1).
  2. Implement in-game axis reassignments, sensitivities, and dead zones (dependant on ST Goal #1).
  3. Add Tutorial and Scenario game modes (dependant on ST Goals #1 and #3).
  4. Implement LUA support for custom game modes (dependant on ST Goals #1 and #3).
  5. Implement vehicle and planet modding (dependant on ST Goal #1).
  6. Implement LAN and Internet multiplayer game modes (dependant on ST Goals #1 and #3).
  7. Implement custom physics engine to override Unity's default engine (dependant on ST Goals #1 through #3).
  8. Migrate game away from Unity engine without compromising availability for Linux and Mac platforms (dependant on LT Goal #7).