Instructions for Christians

In addition to keeping God's Law contained in the five Books of Moses, there are 1050 commands in the new testament that God expects Christians to keep (many of which are commands to keep God's Law).  We will go some of the most important of these commands.

Jesus is the Son of God

Nobody who denies that Jesus is the only begotten Son of God can be considered a Christian.  Anyone who does teach such a thing is a false teacher.  And anyone who claims to be a Christian teaches against the Truth that Jesus is God's only begotten son is a liar.

The Death and Resurrection of Jesus

Jesus was put to death on a cross as a criminal, even though he had done nothing wrong.  After three days and three nights [Matthew 12:40], he arose from the dead and was brought back to life.  Anybody who teaches what is contrary to this nullifies the message of salvation, and is a false teacher leading people away from the Truth.  Anyone who claims to be Christian yet denies the death or resurrection of Jesus believes in vain.

Salvation by Faith in Jesus

We are instructed to teach that salvation comes only by putting one's trust in Jesus, who will save us from our sins if we believe in him.  It is so important that we teach that salvation can only come from trusting in Jesus that anyone who teaches otherwise is under God's curse!  Anyone who relies on their obedience to the Law in order to be saved from the penalty that comes by breaking the law is not saved and is under the curse of the law, because they have broken the Law.

Obedience Comes from Faith

Contrary to the teachings of the Church, Christians are expected to keep God's Law which is falsely called the "old testament Law."  This obedience comes from our faith in Jesus [Romans 1:5 and 16:26], which is not a passive belief that something is true, but is a conviction that is acted upon.

Learning God's Law

In many places (eg: Matthew 23:2-3, Romans 3:31 and James 1:22-25), the Bible makes it clear that we, as Christians, need to keep God's Law.  However, we are not expected to suddenly keep the whole law all at once the moment we become Christian.  Instead, we are expected to keep a few of the most important commands initially, and then learn the rest of the Law over time.  In Acts 15:19-21, new Christians were expected to attend Synagogue every Sabbath (Saturday) where a portion of the law would be read to them each week over the course of a year.